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Bigger, Better, More!
In life, everyone's path to success is unique. That's why we've created five ways to step into Nui! Tap into the power of team building with our Pro Membership, dive deeper into blockchain as an Elite member, or unlock future blockchain opportunities with our Executive Membership. Or join for free to access to some exclusive Nui Products. Find what works for you and let your journey begin!
If you change your mind during the enrollment process, come back and upgrade at any time.

Enrollment Packs
What's Included:
Access to the CORE and Reach
Limited access to Back Office
No Team Building Opportunity
No Access to Mintage Mining
What's Included:
Membership Subscription
Access to Nui Education
Access to the CORE and Reach
Access to Back Office
Team Building Opportunity
One-year Training
Opt-In Access to Mintage Mining *minimum purchase of 500 mintage mining units with mintage mining hardware required
Order Summary
Requires ACH (bank account withdrawal) or Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin payment
Membership Fees

Membership Pack Fees
*** Requires ACH or Bitcoin Payment ***
2500 Mining Units
1 Rig
PACK TOTAL (Not including membership fee, shipping and/or tax)

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